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AVHS Senior Class Parents

Breakfast After Ball

Senior Ball Breakfast is held May 4, 2019, (12:00-2:30am) immediately following Senior Ball (Saturday, May 3).  It is a relaxing opportunity for the students to gather for breakfast, entertainment, and camaraderie.

Senior Ball Breakfast is included with purchase of the Grad Night Ticket. If you purchased a Grad Night Ticket you DO NOT need to purchase a Senior Ball Breakfast ticket. Senior Ball Breakfast tickets only maybe purchased for $5.00 cash or check (made out to Amador Senior Parents) turned in with Sr Ball form to the Activities Desk.

The Senior Breakfast Chairs and committee coordinators will be responsible for developing a theme and an overall strategy for this event.  Senior Breakfast will consist of some or all of the following committees:

​ -Entertainment

- Decorations Coordinator - 

- Food Coordinator - 

- Security Coordinator

- Volunteer Coordinators - Kerri Hunter, Dianne Laurence

To get involved, please contact the above Kerri Hunter or Dianne Laurance (above)

Volunteer requests will be available using the button below .

NOTE:  Ball tickets are a separate purchase and packets and checks are due to the school.